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Episode 24 – Rumors of Brother Trouble Greatly Exaggerated

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This episode is a bit late because our Tuesday recording was canceled after Diego took ill this past week. After a period of getting ill, getting worse, dying and being buried on successive days, we decided the show must go on and recorded on Thursday.

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For a guy getting his arm broken, Illumi is awfully carefree.

Watch Episode 21 – Some X Brother X Trouble.

We make up for our lack of manga theatre by covering Episode 21 and Chapters 337-339 of the manga.

I think the show went quite well despite the lack of Diego, don’t you? And no, not just because I did most of the talking. Bullet Beast did some heavy lifting as well.

Opening Song: Youko Keshi Soshite no Masanami (Version 2) (Hunter X Hunter Original Soundtrack)
Insert Song: Get Funky (Hunter X Hunter 2011 Soundtrack)
Ending Song: Hiiro no Hitomi no Aika (Hunter X Hunter 2011 Soundtrack)

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