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Episode 92 – Gon’s Poor Unfortunate Soul

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FINALLY!! We are officially back with an anime recap that takes us up to the current episode. Oh and in case you guys hadn’t heard, THE MANGA IS BACK!!! We go over that too.

Here is the reminder to everyone that all of the Hunter X Hunter manga volumes are available in print in the US on Amazon and RightStuf due to VIZ reprinting the OOP volumes, Volumes Also Available Digitally (PLEASE SUPPORT THE SERIES!!)

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Episode 92 - Gon's Poor Unfortunate Soul


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The Climax is Hisoka’s Penis


Episode 24 – Rumors of Brother Trouble Greatly Exaggerated

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This episode is a bit late because our Tuesday recording was canceled after Diego took ill this past week. After a period of getting ill, getting worse, dying and being buried on successive days, we decided the show must go on and recorded on Thursday.

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For a guy getting his arm broken, Illumi is awfully carefree.

Watch Episode 21 – Some X Brother X Trouble.

We make up for our lack of manga theatre by covering Episode 21 and Chapters 337-339 of the manga.

I think the show went quite well despite the lack of Diego, don’t you? And no, not just because I did most of the talking. Bullet Beast did some heavy lifting as well.

Opening Song: Youko Keshi Soshite no Masanami (Version 2) (Hunter X Hunter Original Soundtrack)
Insert Song: Get Funky (Hunter X Hunter 2011 Soundtrack)
Ending Song: Hiiro no Hitomi no Aika (Hunter X Hunter 2011 Soundtrack)

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Episode 19 – You have to be Tricky to win

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This week we chat a bit about episode 15, chapter 331, and a comment that baffled us last week suddenly makes perfect sense.

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"Kurapika is the Martha Stewart of Rope Tying" --@bullet_beast

Watch Episode 15 – Explosion X of X Deception here.

Who wants to shake Hisoka face's hands with a firm grip? Any takers?

Chapter 331: X-Day
I think Hanzo/Cheadle is the second pairing we’ve randomly created since starting this show. I like that Diego’s theories are kind of boring, mine are completely mad and Bullet Beast’s find a sort of peaceful middle ground between the two. And clearly we just like discussing the Phantom Troupe over and over. I don’t know why I kept saying Ryuuseigai instead of Meteor City.

Chapter 332 Preview: Conspiracy X Ambition – Where’s it going?

Opening Song: Masatoshi Ono – departure! (Hunter X Hunter 2011)
Insert Song: Ame Agari (Hunter X Hunter Original Soundtrack)
Ending Song: Run DMC – It’s Tricky
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Episode 1 – Leaving Home

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Welcome to the great social experiment that will probably go horribly, horribly wrong, but our love for Hunter X Hunter commands that we press on despite that and we’ve united to create a podcast for the under-appreciated manga and anime.

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This episode is primarily an introduction to the series and we go over some high points as well as what we believe you need to know.

  • After a over a year on Hiatus, Hiatus X…err…Hunter X Hunter returned to Weekly Shonen Jump in the month of August
  • The new series will begin airing on October 2nd on Nihon TV at 10:55am, the production is by Studio Madhouse and the Director is Koujina Hiroshi

    New Cast, staff and Character Designs

  • Important points of the manga we discuss:
    • What is a Hunter?
    • Hunter Licenses and what they permit you to do
    • Gon and his motivations, along with those of his friends
    • The villains and the world of Hunter x Hunter
    • Why you shouldn’t ignore the old series if you haven’t seen it yet just because there will be this updated version.
    • Reasons why people may be put off the series.
    • The Chimera Ants Arc

Opening Theme – Kaze no Uta ~ Hope and Tears of Ireland ~

Insert Song – Shôri He

Ending Theme – Tenkuu Tougijou

All songs from the Hunter X Hunter anime series.

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