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Episode 11.55 – I hope nobody out there is a Milluki fan

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Yeah, like the title says, if you like the largest of the 5 Zoldyck siblings, apologies, we’re not nice to the man at all, though admittedly it’s well deserved. By the by, no I do not remember what Bullet Beast was talking about at the very beginning of this segment but it sounds funny so I left it in.

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In retrospect I probably didn’t need to split this episode up. Oh well. We forgot to cover some news that maybe we’ll get to next week, and apologies to Sam, we’ll discuss your question next week too.

See now that's a face even your mother could hate. Even if your mother was Kikyou Zoldyck, she who possesses Hellgate betwixt her legs.

Opening Song: Silver no Toujou
This song from the Hunter X Hunter original soundtrack.

Ending Song: Ogon Soul by Shonan no Kaze
This song is obviously not but it’s too awesome to not expose everyone I can to it.

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